RENTAL CONDITIONS 1. Limit of our commitments: In all circumstances, we only act as intermediary between the tenant on the one hand and the owner or owners on the other hand. We assume no responsibility for the fulfillment of the obligations contracted by the lessor. The description of the property and the information provided by the owner or his representative shall be given in good faith. In all cases where contractual liability is sought, our liability can only be incurred up to the agreed rent. Any claim will be addressed within eight days, postmarked, by registered letter. 2. Urgent repairs: The lessee may not claim any reduction in rent or compensation in the event that urgent repairs to the landlord were to take place during the stay of the tenant. 3. Terms of Payment: A) Down payment: 50% of the rent to stop the rental. (B) Balance: not more than 50%, one month before departure. Or, upon request ... A) Down payment 1: 35% of the rent to stop the rental. B) Deposit 2: 35% of the rent two months before departure. C) Balance: at the latest one month before departure. Note: If the reservation date does not allow to respect this payment plan, the entire rent will be paid as soon as the contract is signed. We reserve the right to refuse the tenant to take possession of the leased property if the balance of the rent has not been paid before departure. The tenant remains nonetheless the debtor of the whole.